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Styx River Reaper Theme - Custom Chopper
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All sheet metal work done in house, custom seat made in house, Eddie Trotta Drop Dead frame, 6" stretch in back bone, -2 in down tube, 42 degrees in the neck. 124 S&S show polished RSD 6 speed show polished and chrome, 300-rear tire. SHARPER WHEELS ninja style. S&S super carb, Accutronics tribal triple trees with 3 degrees, forward controls, grips, and some bolt covers are also tribal design from accutronics. Exile internal throttle and rear brake caliper right on the sprocket. Performance Machine front caliper. HiTech 4"open primary with outlaw side plate. Progressive air tail suspension. Custom made fenders with wild design cut in them. Eddie Trotta bars with Dakota digital speedo and tach, that little thing has all indicators in it. Performance Machine hand controls. Crane Hi 4 programmable ignition. Martin Bros. Skirt Liftas pipes. Custom axle caps with LEDs in for brake and park lights, they look wild! Perse lower legs. The color is a custom mix candy Brandywine with over 1000 skulls under the candy. The bike is also being used in SHARPER WHEELS ads, poster and flyers. 
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ph. 570.455.7988 - Iron Hawg Custom Cycles Inc. - 640 W. 15th St. Hazleton, PA. 18201
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